The floral street manifesto

The floral street manifesto

At Floral Street we’ve got some pretty strong beliefs. We believe they’re vital, not just for delivering a brilliant product to you, but as our company ethos. So, when you’re buying one of our award-winning Floral Street Fragrances, here’s what else you’re buying into.

We’re vegan and cruelty free – accredited by PETA

At Floral Street we don’t use animal-derived ingredients. Our fragrances don’t have real musk (from scent glands of animals), we use synthetic ones instead. We don’t use beeswax in our candles, instead we use a wax blend with plant triglycerides and we absolutely do not test on animals. Our office golden-doodle Jackson is very happy about this!

We’re sustainable 

We spend hours researching the newest and most planet-friendly ways to package and create our incredible Floral Street products. We have chosen to partner with perfume house, Robertet, because they are experts in sustainable raw, natural materials that give back to communities in a socially responsible way.

Our packaging is printed with vegetable and soy-based inks, and the card and glass fragrance bottles are widely recyclable. Our pulp cartons (which house our scents) are unique in the fragrance world being reusable, recyclable, and compostable. Created in under a minute they use less energy, with waste water being cleaned and recycled and any waste pulp composted at local farms.

Our sustainable efforts also flow to our body collections. Our Body Creams and Wash tubes are bioplastic (made from a bi product of sugar cane production) so they are also widely recyclable. We are doing more every day on our journey to being as ethical as we possibly can and now even have a refill fragrance station in our Covent Garden store.


We’re the experts in fine perfume

Our Floral Street customers often comment on just how long our unforgettable scents last on the skin. That’s because most perfumes contain 5-15% perfume oil, but ours is at a huge 20%. This means our Eau de Parfums really last. We also pride ourselves on getting the best quality ingredients at affordable prices, opening the door to fine perfumes for everyone.

We’re not scared of the f-word

We’re proud to be a brand that aligns itself with equality. And though we have plenty of men who work with us, our core team is female, and we’re founded by a woman too. That’s actually quite rare in the world of perfume.

We don’t use sex to sell perfume

It’s old fashioned and uncool. We don’t need scantily-clad celebrities to sell our multi-award winning scents. The product – and your loyalty - speaks for itself. We don’t believe that sex sells perfume, we believe great perfumes sell themselves. That’s why we always ask, “Who will you be today?”. Our Floral Street ethos is that perfume should be fun and suit your mood. You can change your scent as often as you change your shoes (it helps that we’re affordable too.)

We’re part of the slow beauty movement

You won’t find us churning out scent after scent designed to make you buy more. We take the time to truly craft each of our signature Floral Street perfumes with our master perfumer, Jérome Epinette, so they’re absolute perfection when they reach you. We believe in quality over quantity.

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