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Our Story

FLORAL STREET a brand built on the streets of London. A city where girls are proud to be themselves, proud to represent their culture. This formed the axis for our collection of contemporary floral fragrances. Only these are no ordinary florals. FLORAL STREET is about breaking with tradition. It’s about peeling back the curtain of the secret world of fragrance. It’s about ease, modernity and joy.

Floral Street's founder Michelle Feeney, knows a thing or two about that...

“Since the age of three, when I first smelt the gardenias in my great grandmother’s cottage in Ireland, I’ve been captivated by scent. Much later, when my career took me to New York, I experienced how fragrances are developed, working on brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and MAC.

Five years ago, I was walking to a business meeting in London and looked up to see the Floral Street street sign. It struck me: what a brilliant name for a fragrance brand. I played with the idea in my head for a few years, observing how the beauty world was evolving towards a younger audience, but fragrance hadn’t yet caught up.

Young, urban, British women are so inspiring: they are strong, confident, active and want to learn about everything. I decided that FLORAL STREET would be a collection of incredible fragrances built with them in mind and created by one of the best noses in the world. And, it was important to me that it should be accessible and affordable, too.

My mission is to bring fine fragrance to the modern female – so that she might build an entire fragrance wardrobe which can express the many facets of who she is.”


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