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What happens if I forget my Floral Street password?

Don’t worry, we can fix this. If you’ve forgotten your password, just click the Forgot My Password box and we’ll email you with instructions on how to change it. Just make sure your inbox filters are enabled to receive emails from Floral Street, otherwise it might get hidden in a separate folder.

Can I cancel my order?

In terms set out by the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you have the right to cancel your order or receive a refund or exchange within 28 working days after the delivery date.


Does Floral Street test on animals?

We’re proud to say our fragrances are not tested on animals. Neither are our compounds and ingredients. Our office golden-doodle, Jackson is quite pleased about this, too.

Are Floral Street fragrances vegan?

Fragrance has come a long way since the animal musks of old, but not all perfume brands can claim to be vegan. Happily, we can. Floral Street products contain no Animal Derived Ingredients (ADI) such as bovine, caprine, porcine, or orvine species, or any other animal product. At all. 

What makes Floral Street different?

We’re an independent British company with a strong set of values and ethics. We make fine fragrances, fill them with flowers and deliver them to you in a modern and accessible way. That means no crazy pricing, no superfluous packaging and no complex or dense conjecture about fragrance structure. We know you don’t have time for all of that. But we also know that you love fragrance and want to understand it better. We’ve got it covered.


What is floral fragrance?

By nature, a floral scent is one built with a high amount of the volatile organic compounds emitted by petals. But – and here’s the magic bit – we don’t need to use real flowers for all our floral notes, for some, we build their scent synthetically in the lab for a purer finish. Floral Street fragrances contain a whole bunch of flowers in every bottle. Floral perfume needn’t be soft and romantic, we believe flowers can be exotic and tough, too.

Why doesn’t Floral Street talk about base, middle and top notes?

Well, because, we’ve done things differently. Floral Street fragrances aren’t structured into pyramids, they’re expressed in curves. We call it the Fragrance Curve: three layers of scent each blooming at once, all of which last longer than traditional linear-shaped fragrances. Ultimately, what matters is whether you like the smell of a fragrance on your skin, talking endlessly about pyramids and structure just gets in the way. We want fragrance to be a fun and easy.

What is a note?

Just like in music, the notes in perfume are the little parts that make the whole. And, the selection of notes in fragrances is a fine art for which perfumers spend years training for. Floral Street fragrances were blended by one of the world’s greatest perfumers, Jerome Epinette. He blended a bunch of hand-selected notes together to create our multi-faceted floral fragrances. Honestly, notes are, ultimately, ingredients. So, we call them ingredients.

How should I apply my fragrance?

Underwear before socks? Socks before underwear? It’s entirely your call. And it’s the same with perfume. There is one cardinal sin we warn against though. Pressing your wrists together bruises the scent. Just spritz, and waft. Sure, there are some tricks to making your fragrance last – make sure your skin is well hydrated for one - but honestly, the way you apply your perfume is as unique to you as the way you apply your lipstick. And we like it that way.

How long will the perfume bottle last?

To put it bluntly: a long time. Floral Street fragrances are classified as eau de parfums and contain 20% perfume oil, which offer twice the fragrance intensity of eau de toilettes. We wanted to make fragrance accessible, so we dropped the price and made the bottles bigger, 50ml to be exact for £68, without compromising on the potency of the ingredients. If you look after your Floral Street bottle, it’ll last the distance. Keep it out of direct sunlight. Store it at room temperature. Due to the natural and synthetic ingredients, the colour of the fragrance liquid may change over time – that’s totally normal, but the scent will remain.

How will I know which fragrance suits me? 

Well, this is all part of the fun. At Floral Street, we believe suitability in fragrance is sort of irrelevant: it’s more about what you like than what suits you. Plus, we’re all for the ever-changing impulses of self-expression. One day you may be more of a Ylang Ylang Espresso kind of girl, while the next day, you may be all about Neon Rose. Our in-store Floristas are here to guide the way, to take you on a visual journey to find the fragrance that you click with.  We also offer a range of Discovery Sets starting from just £16 so you want to test a few of them out at home.


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