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My Space: Michelle Feeney

April 06, 2021
During an interview with Rakesprogress Magazine, we got the opportunity to discover more about our founder Michelle Feeney, and her love of nature and her garden. Never have we been so thankful...
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Our easy-to-use guide to recycling

March 18, 2021
How To Recycle Beauty Products Let’s work together on Global Recycling Day to protect our planet one step at a time. Whilst we largely recycle our household ...
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Why recycle week matters to us..

September 22, 2020
Together, we can all make a difference in the future of this planet. Recycle Week 2020 runs from September 21-27. Its goal? To galvanise all of us into recycling more of the right things, more ...
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Meet our sustainable packaging

August 13, 2020
Each Floral Street perfume comes tucked inside a ground-breaking pulp carton with an embossed lid, made from recyclable paper packaging and held together with a re-usable brigh...
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That’s my scent

April 01, 2019
Each time you spritz the perfume it makes you feel complete. Every waft of it, it makes you smile. It’s your scent, and yours alone.. so what do you do when somebody wears your signature scent?
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The floral street manifesto

March 26, 2018
At Floral Street we’ve got some pretty strong beliefs. We believe they’re vital, not just for delivering a brilliant product to you, but as our company ethos...
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