How to keep your perfume lasting longer

How to keep your perfume lasting longer

You’ve just bought one of our idyllic Floral Street perfumes and you want the scent to really last. There’s nothing more annoying than perfume that doesn’t hang around. That won’t happen with Floral Street. Our scents contain a high level of perfume oil, 20% compared to 5-15% in the majority of fine fragrances. This means they last longer on the skin.

There are other things you can do to make them last even longer.

Smart Storing:

Number one perfume storage rule: keep your scent out of direct sunlight and humidity. Both can break down the natural oils in a scent more quickly, meaning they lose their potency faster and can start to smell slightly different. This means bathroom shelves and window sills are a no-go for any kind of scent storage.

Slather it on:

Always ensure that you moisturise. Nourished skin holds scent longer than dry skin, where it can just evaporate off. Layer on our luxurious Body Cream, housed in tubes made from 100% sustainable sugar cane bioplastic, for all day long perfume.

Ritual Time:

Rock that routine for serious scent amplification. After showering with our Body Wash, moisturise with the coordinating Body Cream and spritz of Floral Street perfume, to suit your mood. Your skin will still be a little damp and this will help to lock our luxury scent in.

Go subtle:

If barely-there fragrances are your thing, choose one of our Floral Street Body Washes for a delicate veil of scent. Then enhance by applying our scented Body Cream instead of a perfume for just a hint of fragrance as you waft through your day.

Be strategic:

Don’t be tempted to use your scent as an all over spray. Target pulse points around your body and their warmth will act like a diffuser for your scent. Spray onto wrists, neck, ankles and even backs of your knees to experience your Floral Street perfume to the full.

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