That’s my scent

That’s my scent

You come into our Floral Street store, you find the one and you wear it, religiously. Each time you spritz the perfume it makes you feel complete. Every time you catch a fragrant waft of it, it makes you smile. It’s your scent, and yours alone. But there comes a pivotal moment when somebody asks you one unavoidable question, ‘What are you wearing?’ You know it’s special, and now they do too. Yes, you could say something like – “It’s hand-blended by monks in the south of France.” Or, as most of us do, you simply have to disclose the name, rather than seem like a petulant 5-year-old who sticks their tongue out and runs away. (Tempting, very temping.)

What comes after is maelstrom of emotions, however. Did I just give my secret away? Will I like my perfume less if my friend starts wearing it? Will it still be mine? Here’s how to navigate the tricky terrain of somebody else wearing your signature scent.

Science helps

Scents often completely differ on each person. That’s to do with everything from the pH of their skin, to their sweat, their pheromones and even what they’ve eaten that day. So, it’s very, very unlikely that your beloved Floral Street scent will smell exactly the same on them as it does on you. In other words, be chill.

Send them our way

When they ask where your beautiful perfume is from, send them our way. Our expert Floralistas will go through our signature scent-choosing process with them and help them to find the perfect scent for their mood. We can’t promise it won’t be the one you love, but there’s every chance they’ll fall in love with another Floral Street scent instead.

Layer up

You can layer a perfume with a body cream to create your own Floral Street blend that nobody else will have. If you love a scent, don’t just spritz it. Make it your shower wash and body cream too! This will add layers of long-lasting perfume, and give you a luxurious scent experience. 

Think plural, not singular

Re-think the idea of a signature scent completely. At Floral Street we believe your scent should match your mood. It’s why we always ask you, ‘who will you be today?’ So, if you have a wardrobe of scents for your moods – all of them your favourites – it could spread the love a little. So, when somebody asks that infallible question of ‘What are you wearing?” you can tell them today it’s Neon Rose, but tomorrow I might wear Wild Vanilla Orchid and then the next day it could be Wonderland Peony. Confusion always works wonders.

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