Neon Rose Eau De Parfum

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Neon Rose Eau De Parfum

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A super-clean, super floral perfume. This is what a rose would smell like if it were neon.

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smells like
Freshly-chopped jasmine and roses draped around your neck. Crisp, green angelica leaves bring a botanical dimension, while fresh bergamot floats overhead. You’ve never smelt flowers like this before.
sustainable scenting
- Our products are vegan and cruelty certified by the vegan society & PETA
- Our ingredients are all sustainably sourced
- Our packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable
- Our pulp boxes are crafted with 1 upcycled waste coffee cup.
the floral street difference
- We’re a female founded, independent British brand.
- Our fragrances are crafted by Jerome Epinette one of the world’s best master perfumers
- Containing 20% perfume oil our fragrances are luxury eau de parfum
- We’re a multi award-winning brand!

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Key Ingredients



sichuan pepper

Fun Fact: There are no roses in our Neon Rose. Instead - the powerful Sichuan pepper from the Himalayas works with spicy, fresh juniper berry, woody, balsamic notes, bergamot, angelica to roll into sweet punches of a totally reimagined rose.
This is rose but not as you know it. Individual and bold, the vibrantly vegan Neon Rose is a leader among fragrances. Guaranteed to turn the most ardent rose refusenik. This vegan perfume is for the fiery, quirky, striking and expressive. Who will you be today?

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