Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau De Parfum

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Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau De Parfum

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A powerful, creamy, gourmand perfume with its own electric current. A fragrance to get lost in.

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A strikingly modern blend of red rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine crossed with a soothing cloud of just-brewed coffee, fresh cream, and Sichuan pepper - sustainably harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. For the rebels. The thinkers. And the leaders.
sustainable scenting
- Our products are vegan and cruelty certified by the vegan society & PETA
- Our ingredients are all sustainably sourced
- Our packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable
- Our pulp boxes are crafted with 1 upcycled waste coffee cup.
the floral street difference
- We’re a female founded, independent British brand.
- Our fragrances are crafted by Jerome Epinette one of the world’s best master perfumers
- Containing 20% perfume oil our fragrances are luxury eau de parfum
- We’re a multi award-winning brand!

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Key Ingredients

ylang ylang



Fun Fact: Espresso is not the only ‘edible' in this vegan perfume; the Italian dessert of tiramisu has been transformed into a fragrant ingredient and it smells as good as it tastes.
Kick start your day with this fearless vegan fragrance. It packs a punch with an injection of Sichuan Pepper, and an espresso shot of coffee. The ultimate party perfume, formulated to set your world on fire.This vegan perfume is for the spirited, fearless, mystical and audacious. Who will you be today?

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