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Ylang Ylang Espresso eau de parfum 50ml vegan perfume bottle
ylang ylang espresso eau de parfum
Ylang Ylang Espresso eau de parfum 50ml vegan perfume in recyclable compostable packaging
ylang ylang espresso eau de parfum
ylang ylang espresso eau de parfum
ylang ylang espresso eau de parfum

ylang ylang espresso eau de parfum

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A powerful creamy gourmand fragrance with its own electric current. A fragrance to get lost in.

This vegan perfume is for the spirited, fearless, mystical and audacious.

A strikingly modern blend of red rose, ylang ylang and jasmine crossed with a soothing cloud of just-brewed coffee, fresh cream and Sichuan pepper - sustainably harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. For the rebels. The thinkers. And the leaders.

Key ingredients in Ylang Ylang Espresso vegan perfume:

Tangerine, Sichuan Pepper, Fresh Rose, Jasmine, Tiramisu Accord, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Espresso Beans, Cocoa Beans, Guaicwood.


Available in:

Ylang Ylang Espresso eau de parfum vegan floral perfume is available in a 50ml and 10ml travel size. This scent can also be found in our perfume Discovery Set and Mini Discovery Set – dark. It’s also been used to fragrance our Scented Notebook and Notelets - light scented stationary , a joy to receive.

Powered by flowers and inspired by London. Our mother Floralista, Michelle Feeney, launched our blooming brilliant floral scents with a twist in 2017. Not without the help of Jerome Epinette, of course, one of the world’s leading perfumers. And not without a conscious. That’s why we are vegan, cruelty free and use sustainably sourced ingredients. Our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable - and all sustainably sourced.

At Floral Street, we match fragrances with our moods so however you’re feeling, trust us, we’ve got a wardrobe of scents for you. And with all of our award winning Eau de Parfums containing a 20% oil concentration, they’re super long-lasting. It's all here for you discover. So, who will you be today?

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